• Hi! So I was searching some stuff on google about Shugo Chara and I saw this wiki, I checked it out and saw it has really cool stuff. And I really wanted to read Shugo Chara! Reloaded. I searched on for it and the only result that came is a Shugo Chara fanfic by the same name but different OCs, and stuff. did you delete the story? And if so, did you post it on another writing website?

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    • Hi! Sorry I'm getting back to you so late, my email hasn't really been working lately so I didn't get a notification that you posted on here! But my story Shugo Chara! Reloaded I originally posted one chapter on, and then deleted it like five minutes later because I felt like no one would be interested in it, lol. But I have like 70,000 + words on the story right now, so if you were really interested, I would be more than happy to post my story on!! Thank you so much for showing interest in my character and her story that goes with it. (:

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