Sora Hanari (空羽成, Hanari Sora) is a minor character in the story Shugo Chara! Reloaded written by OCHaven on He is one of Kaori Ayaka's friends in Seiyo Academy

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Sora Hanari
Sora Hanari
Name Sora Hanari
Kanji 空羽成
Birthday February 27th
Blood Type O+
Age 11-12
Height 156cm (5’1)
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue hair and sapphire eyes
Team N/A
Japanese Voice Yuki Kaji


Sora has blue hair and sapphire-colored eyes. Sora wears a small, blue plaid fabric on his right arm to match his friends Ayaka Kaori, Ishimura Ryo, and Kawasaki Jun.


Not much is known about Sora before he went to Seiyo Academy.