Haruka (遥 or はるかis an original character owned by Tohko.Fan.Otaku and her alternative account OtakuSeiko&TohkoFan.

Character's name


Name Haruka
Kanji 遥  (はるか)
Birthday June 6th
Age 14
Height 1.60 Metres tall
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Light pink hair and pink eyes
Japanese Voice Eri Kitamura


Appearance Edit

Haruka wears her school uniform which constis of a dark red blazer with yellow buttons, a black skirt, a white shirt and a red tie with yellow and black stripes on it, Haruka also wears black socks with grey shoes, Haruka uses yellow bubbles to tie a part of her hair in pom-poms.

Favorites and Least Favorites Edit

History Edit

Guardian Character(s) Edit


Character ChangeEdit

Character Transformation Edit


Family Edit

Love Life Edit

Aliases Edit

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